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I was once again able to make my annual trip to see our friends at Cannon Creek Air Park in Lake City, Florida and then on down to Sun N Fun in Lakeland the following week.
Ann Bromolini and Art Hutchison held their annual poolside feast and libations on Friday evening for their neighbors and visiting Navioneers. This year the weather was good so we had a number of Navions fly in for the weekend. Saturday morning was coffee and doughnuts on the front porch and then examined the planes that had arrived. About 10:00 am we departed for Douglas, GA for a very interesting tour of Tom Riley’s place where he is nearing the completion of one of the last of 5 P-82’s left in existence. If you are not familiar with the P-82, this was one of the last World War II planes to come off the North American Aviation line before the end of the war. However, they were later used in the Korean conflict. Still don’t remember? The P-82 is commonly referred to as the Twin Mustang. Tom Riley rescued the plane from a junkyard owned by a guy who had bought a number of planes from salvage many years ago. The talent of Mr. Riley and his crew is just remarkable. A lot of the skins had to be replaced and most everything was different from the last single Mustangs built. Try to imagine 2 Merlins hanging out there both swinging huge 4 bladed props. There are six 50 caliber machine guns in the center section of the joint wing. We found it interesting that the only elevator was between the vertical stabilizers.

After drooling over the P-82, Bruce Herrington had arranged for a car to shuttle us over to the airport café for an enjoyable lunch. Saturday evening we were back at Cannon Creek for a delightful dinner in Woody’s hanger where he proudly showed his latest restoration of a 1965 Corvair Turbo Corsa convertible.

Sunday morning those continuing to Sun N Fun departed for the hour or so flight in clear skies. Of course, me being without a plane, I had to drive and catch up a few hours later.

Robert Dickson and Bud Brown arrived early so they had the row secured where we have parked for the last 10 years or so.  At one time during the week, we had another 5 Navions parked there with us with another 5 or 6 Navions on the warbird line and at least one Navion was over in the vintage camping area.

Monday at noon your Board of Director met for our spring meeting. It was with great regret that I had to announce my acceptance of the resignation of our 17 year board member and good friend Jim Waldron. Jim came on board the year I was elected president. He will be greatly missed with his good humor at the many Navion functions whether it be Sun N Fun, Convention MC, past race chairman and getting everyone out for the competition or helping in the Type Club Hanger and Forum at Oshkosh. To fill Jim’s shoes we appointed John Yohey to the unexpired term . John is one of the young guys however he has attended 42 conventions as his dad was a great Navioneer and got John started flying the Navion as a little tike.

Rick Mills has sent us an article concerning Continental MSB05-8B, which if made into an AD will seriously effect 520 and 550 owners.  Check this on the FAA website.

May you always have blue skies & tail winds,




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