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The 57th National Convention will go down as another success. The Gastonia Airport welcomed us with open arms and the city made some improvements that the airport manager was very happy to see.

When Alyce and I arrived we found the parking lot just being striped as the new blacktop had hardly cooled. The city ground crews were finishing up new landscaping and they built a new gazebo next to the terminal that offered shade and a good place to visit with friends. The airport provided us with an air-conditioned room with snacks and cold water. The fuel truck had a new young driver that did a great job with refueling before and after the flying events.

A local newspaper reporter, Alyssa Pressler, from The Gaston Gazette came out and wrote a nice front page article with 3 pictures of our members and their planes.

The Class B airspace around Charlotte didn’t present a problem but you didn’t want to go very far east without talking to a controller. The only incident that I heard about was with a local pilot that was outside the surface to 10,000’ segment but his altimeter was reporting high, which allegedly put him into the floor of the 1800/10,000 segment. A chat with the controller upon landing and a NASA report solved the issue.

The weather in the mornings made us postpone the flying events for a few hours but everything was flown on the day it was scheduled. Alyce has written a letter to the Citizens of Gastonia which was published in the July 12 issue of the Gazette. A copy of that letter is printed later in this issue.

We were fortunate to have 3 very informative safety/tech session presentations. Brian Babik, Territory Manager for Appareo explained the 2012 mandate for complying with the ADS-B requirements. The Stratus ESE & ESGi models comply with this mandate and Brian explained how the Stratus worked.

ANS member, Richard McSpadden, Jr., Executive Director, AOPA Air Safety Institute, spoke on the FAA new Basic Med requirement.

Rick Mills, ANS Secretary, explained the requirements for filing flight plans now that the US has gone to the ICAO system.

At the BOD meeting, the following were elected as officers, Rick Mills and & I were re-elected secretary and president and Rusty Herrington was elected vice president.

The ANS will again have a table in the type club hanger at Oshkosh. Our forum will be held at 1:00 on Tuesday. Be sure to stop by.

Next year’s convention is still in its infancy. We will notify everyone in the Navioneer when everything has been confirmed. We are working on having it the end of June as that seems to fit most of our members’ schedules.

As noted on page 5, the office will be closed for most of August. Alyce and I will be on a River cruise and then site seeing from Amsterdam to the Normandy Beaches to Paris and back to Portland during the month of August. Chuck and the BOD will be available and their contact information is on page 3.

May you always have blue skies & tail winds,




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