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The Navion Experience

The Navion is a versatile aircraft and a delight to fly. It does so many things so well that it has attacted a loyal and enthusiastic fan club. It's a great family aircraft that can haul a good load in and out of almost any kind of landing strip. Pavement, grass or gravel - it doesn't matter. You can go classic with the original style windows and panel or dress it up with flush windows, modern panel and big engine and compete with any piston aircraft manufactured today. You can add military livery and park with the warbirds at airshows. It can fly formation with most of the warbirds but with its stability the Navion is also viewed as one of the best instrument platforms. Navions tend to very long, even lifetime, ownership with many staying in the same family and being handed down to children.

How can you experience a Navion?
The best way to appreciate a Navion is to fly one. "Majestic" is how an 80+ year old pilot friend described his flight in my Navion. The best tool we have for growing our Navion community is to get interested pilots an intro flight. I got interested in Navions because my dad raved about a flight he got in one. Most Navion owners are more than happy to provide a ride or talk all day about their airplane. You just need to know one. To facilitate that, the list below are owners who have volunteered to fly prospective Navioneers in their area. If there is no one listed in your area, please contact Greg Young, (281) 844-0987, or one of the other Board members and we'll find someone near you.


James Coats, N8897H, E-225, (205) 253-9132


Gary S Robison, N4892K, 1949 Ryan with an IO-550R, 2018 Lindy Award Winner, Hangared at H34, Huntsville, Arkansas, 303-725-5262.


Dennis Jennings, E-225, East of Sacramento at Cameron Air Park Estates (O61) Cameron Park, CA (916) 792-9972

Nick Kanakis, Claremont, CA


Allen Cook, based at KFTG. (859) 466-7359


Richard Boyd, Navion H Rangemaster based at Delaware Coastal Airport, (KGED), in Georgetown DE, (302) 519-4877.


Dave Fogarty, IO-550B, Ft. Lauderdale, (561) 451-5259

Ken Hewes, N312NM, based at Tampa Executive Airport, KDVF, (813) 431-5290


Dick McSpadden, IO-470, Franklin County 18A, (706) 201-3396. He has helped over 50 people become Navioneers!

Rusty Herrington, Board member & VP, IO-550R, Statesboro, (912) 865-5875

Bruce Herrington, Board member, IO-550B, Lakeland, (229) 412-8314

Nathaniel Lewis, 1946 with a 225 based at KFFC Falcon Field south of Atlanta.


Chad Hawthorne, Coeur D’Alene/north ID area, Contact Greg Young to arrange.

Brent Zastrow, based at KCOE. Contact Greg Young to arrange


Bob Hale, N2460T,


Rick Mills, Board member, IO-520 Flagship winner, Louisville area, (570) 850.3865 Cell


Lee Holmes, Canopy IO-550B, based in Shreveport/NW- Louisiana and Northeast TX region. Cell (254) 780-6038

Faron Naquin, Southeast La., KHUM, Houma, LA.


Richard (Dick) Bihler, GO-480, Twin City area out of KFCM, (612) 749-7323

Russell Derickson, SW Minnesota

Paul Thomas, Rangemaster H based at downtown St. Paul airport KSTP, (612) 804-9792


Josh Heath, 5A6 Winona, MS ... I have an E-225 and IO-520 to demo, (662) 283-9833


Ron Judy & Alan Judy: Navion N8915H, IO 550B, Beaver, OK/Judy Ranch airport. K44 & OK39, Alan's Cell: (575) 517-9969.


Ben Smith, Somerset Airport, NJ (SMQ), N5186K IO-470H, (908) 303-5245


James Coats, N8897H, E-225, (205) 253-9132


Dave Olig, N5RX located in Fargo, ND KFAR. It is a 1947 with an IO-520BA, (701) 730-5572


Phil Finet, Board member, IO-520, Pittsburgh area, (724) 249-5126,

Jon Still, '51 canopy model w/ IO-470, Carlisle PA (N94), (601) 701-5932

John Yohey, Board member, (570) 204-1356


Walt Fanti, 1947 Canopy model with a IO-550R3B based at the Chandelle AirPark, (SC72) in the upstate Greenville, SC area, (609) 870-1679 Jetguy108@AOL.Com


Roddy Noll, Navion A IO-470-H, KFGU Chattanooga, TN, (423) 504-5717


Kevin Domingue, N4428K, IO-550B, KDWH Houston area (409) 656-4444

Leo Langston, 1949 Navion A, E-225, Based at Pearland Regional Airport KLVJ, Cell (832) 647-9188

Chris Meaux, IO-550R, KBMT, Beaumont, TX (409) 679-0222

Greg Young, Board member, N5221K, owner since 2002, IO-550B, KDWH Houston area (281) 844-0987

Chris Walker, IO-550B, Based at KETX, Contact Greg Young to arrange


Ben Thompson, Salt Lake City area, Contact Greg Young to arrange


Bill Lattimer, S43 (Harvey Field) in Snohomish, Contact Greg Young to arrange

Tanner Matheny, 74S in Anacortes, WA,


Dave Bejvan, IO-520, Milwaukee area, (414) 416-5895



Jim Morrison, Welland, Ontario, 1949 A model and a friend on the field has a 1950 model with an up graded engine, parked at CNQ3, Fonthill, Ontario, cell (905) 321-5592 



Jacques Saada, France



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