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FREE: My father, Joe Pellicciotti, owned a Navion when I was a kid (N8894H).  He passed away recently and in going through his things, I came across a 3-ring binder with Navioneer Newsletters from 1961 to 1966.  They are in near perfect condition.  If anyone would like them, I would be glad to ship the binder to you.  I hate to throw them out unless they are not needed. Rick Pellicciotti  901-481-1934 (10/14)

WANTED: Hartzell E Series Service/Serviceable Propeller or Hub Assembly - model number HC-D2V20-7 or HC-D2MV20-7. Please contact Archie Contreras at or 512-800-8869. (9-14)

I recently acquired a large amount of Navion stock that included Ryan Factory new old stock parts along with multiple airframes. I am parting out/scraping multiple aircraft, I have airframes, wings, landing gear. New Old Stock and used control surfaces, fairings, firewalls(New), engine cowlings & basket, landing gear, fuel tanks and many other hard to find parts. Please Call 303-594-2006 or Email (10/14)

For Sale: 1947-A, N8797H, 225 Cont., 411.53 SMOH, 236.93 on new D2MV prop. Osborne tip tanks. 5088.68 TTAF. Beef-Up  kit. AD compliant AMOC fuel valve.. Wing-root cooling, bubble windshield, 1 piece side windows & large rear window, intercom sys, Rangemaster rear seat. Modern panel w/center stack avionics & canted engine instrument panel and more. King KX 155 Nav/Com, KA 134 VOR head & King KI 134 audio panel. Radio #2 is Narco AT50A trans w/Class B encoder. Toe- brakes w/Cleveland wheels & brakes. Paint fair. Always hangered, currently in MT. No corrosion. All ADs complied with. Will annual for 2014-15. Asking $49,500  Contact: Dave Franklin 480-888-6858 or (10/14)


FOR SALE: 1948 Ryan A .  1775 TTAF’ 223 SMOH on IO-520L (310hp); 186 SPOH on 3 blade McCauley prop; Palo Alto tail; Osborne tip tanks and underseat aux (100 gal total); flush windows; full stack of avionic with dual coms; glide slope  Navs.  Logs and all paper work. For extensive list of options and mods, call Roger Rempert 815-403-8701. Price reduced to $45,900 OBO  (9-14)


FOR SALE: ’47 NA “A” Model. E225, GNS430W KX155 w/ GS, 406MHz ELT, MV Prop, New Fuel control, Garmin 496, JPI EDM 700, E.I. PF5 FF PSI Ind, Under seat Aux., Master Ctl & Relief valves repaired 2012, Current annual, Elec + Eng fuel pumps overhauled 2012, Cleveland Disk brakes, Heated Pitot tube, Trunnions replaced 2006, TX Patch, Rear Step, Cargo Door, LE air vents, NO Damage history an MORE. Always hangared, $47,500 847-309-8326 (10/14)


FOR SALE: 1948 Navion, TTAF 4315; Continental E225 SMOH 1062; Prop 775 since new; tip tanks, 80 gal total fuel; one piece windows; toe brakes with Cleveland discs; rear step; 1980 NARCO avionics; good paint; Illinois owner since 1978; needs annual; $29,000 for quick sale as is, where is. James, 847-975-6378. (9-14)


FOR SALE: 1946 Navion,N-91135.Nav-4-29. Factory zinc chromating  TTE factory re-man IO-520 B6,143, McCaulley D2a34c58,131SMOH ,TT Airframe 4426, Front seat STC’d shoulder restraint with inertia real.,Garmin GNS 430,Garmin CI-106A CDI,King KX155 Nav Com, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder,NAT AA 80-001 4 place intercom,King KA -134 Audio Panel,King KR-21 3 LMB,Electronics Int.E-6, 6 Cyl EGT, Cleveland wheels, toe brakes, (left side only) 20 Gal under seat tank, Fuel selector Service bulletin 1001,Palo AltoTail,Strobes,Wing fairings,Speed ramps on mains. Baggage Door, Exterior in L-17 paint scheme10, Interior ,Grey leather 8. All AD’d complied with ,September Annual 2014. $119,000.00 Photo stream on request. ( 941-356-5445 (7-14)


FOR SALE: 1948 Navion. TTAF 5850 hrs, E185 Engine 800 TSMO, Hartzell HC-D2V20-7C 10 hrs, GNS 430, GI 106A GS, KX155, AT50A, PMA 6000M-C  - 4 place intercom, Instrument Lighting.  All AD’s.  $33,000. Also spare E185 engine.  Rich 508-540-3091 (7-14)


FOR SALE: 1951 B model, UNIQUE TSIO-520 (310hp). TURBO. Classic Aero restored '98.  USAF 10+ paint (ANS "Peoples Choice"), leather seats/new carpet interior 8.  Avionics 8+: Full IFR (Gx50, S-Tec A/P w/GPSS, Garmin 496), center-stack radios/nav, portable 4-place intercom, 6 headsets. Fresh Annual, good compressions (1350TTE), <200 hrs. on prop & turbo.  Shadin engine monitor. MANY mods, updates (call for details): i.e. baggage door, Cleveland wheels/brakes, flush glass, rear step, hi-speed gear doors, leading edge vents, tiptanks w/xfeed & aux. tank (100 gals tot.), PA tail, TX patch,  Always hangared, regularly flown.  Full MX history (all ADs complied) & records. $89,900 OBO. Lost Medical. Steve (636) 532-0794. (7-14)


FOR SALE:  2270TT 1950 B NAVION · · Total airframe restoration 1993.  Excellent P&I. IO-470D 463 SMOH.  Hartzell HC-82VF-2B 1.0 SMOH.  Annual 3/2014.  , S-TEC 30-2 W/ ALT HOLD, KLN 89 GPS, dual KX155s, KMA24 Audio Panel, KT76A Xpndr, Davtron intercom. Cleveland brakes, under-seat tank, new fuel selector.  Always hangered. Located Harrisburg, PA area. $58,500 Contact Rich 540-272-6334, 540-829-6288. (7-14)


FOR SALE: Refurbished Temco 20 gallon tip tanks with recessed strobe and navigational lights. Asking $4,000.00 for pair. Joe Humble. 707 499-1830 (7-14)

WANTED: Left flap for canopy model Navion. Must be in good to excellent condition. Joe Humble 707-499-1830 (7-14)


FOR SALE:  1949 NAVION (Ryan) “A” model. E-225  TT 3600 hrs. STOH 600 hrs. Always hangared. Located (KVES) in OH. All AD’s complied with. No lifetime history of accident damage to airframe or engine. Will furnish complete logs (copies) and A/I interview to serious potential purchaser. Selling price is $55,000 with fresh annual. Contact at .(7-14)


ESTATE SALE. 1948 L-17A, total time 3424.3 last flown in 2010. 205hp with 48 hours on MV prop, KT76A, KLX 135A GPS/COM, Argus moving map. Based in NJ. Details and additional pics. Contact bill.leavens@gma 908 892 0400 (6/14)


FOR   SALE: 1947 NA Navion; SN:  NAV4-884; N-8884H; IO-520BB; 691 HRS SFREM in 2000, 0 hrs SINCE IRAN; PROP:  MCCAULEY D3A32C90 3 BLADE; 0 HRS SOH KMA-24 Audio panel; Garmin 430W GPS/W KI-209A;  KX-155 W/KI-209 indicator/W G/S; KX-76A Xponder; STEC 30 auto pilot W/altitude hold; Brittan tip tanks (20 gal); Aux tank (20 gal) ANNUAL due AUG 2014 $85,000 Vern Walls 601-924-0288 (6-14)


FOR SALE PRICE REDUCED1962 Rangemaster G/H 3385TT.  Tubular engine mount w/IO-520BA 996TSOH. 3 blade McCauley prop 466TSOH.  Has damage history in 1983.  Rebuilt in 2002 using ‘B” model wings.  New interior, nice avionics package including 2 axes S-tec A/P.  Annual 10/2013. $55,000 $49,000 as is, also may be willing to part out.  Paul Puehler 513-884-9312 (6/14)14)


FOR SALE: 1947 Navion E225 Engine 453 SMOH, 43 SCTOH, MV Prop 12 SNEW, TTAF 4610, center stack panel W/King & Mac radios, new fuel valve, tip tanks 80 gal fuel total,airtex interior lt blue, new annual, asking $39,000. Hal Moore 303 470 1142 email: (6-14)


FOR SALE: 1962 Navion Rangemaster Model G. TTAF 1700; SMOH eng 10 hrs; AMOH prop 10 hrs.; Full IFR/HIS; 5 seats; always hangared (heated) with de-humidifier. $65,000 call 206-762-9000 (6-14)


FOR SALE:  Navion N4449K; 1948 Ryan, IO-470-C Eng. 3 hrs TT. 3612.15 ACT.  McCauley  two-blade prop.  Tubular engine mount.  Toe Brakes, Rear step.  Canopy consul.  Memory foam sears, new interior.  New windows.  New panel.  New Tires, Pix on request. $60,000. Robert Gonzales 925-798-5100 or 925-685-3814 (6/14)


FOR SALE: 1950 Ryan Model B Navion, N30D: Lycoming 275 HP; 3 bladed Hartzell HC-83V20-1B; 40 gal mains, 20 gal aux, 20 gal Britton tip tanks; Strobe lights; AVIONICS: Collins Audio/Marker Panel, Terra TX 760D Com, Terra TN 200D Nav Tri Nav C Display VOR/GS/Ext-Loran C, Collins VHF-251 Com, Collins VIR-351 Nav & IND-350/351 VOR/LOC/GS Ind, Collins DME-451, Digital ADF R556E, King KT-76A, II Morrow 618, Airframe TT: 7003.7; Engine SMOH: 861.2; Propeller SMOH: 35.8. REDUCED $40,000 or (4/14)


FOR SALE : 1951 Navion B.  $110,000 OBO financing available. More than $200,000 invested. A 9.5 out of 10, inside and out. Approx: TTAF3363, TTE1014 (330 since rebuild) TTP 312. Allways hangered, flown regularly . Cont. IO 520BB with mid 70's compression in all cylinders. Garmin WASS 430, storm scope, engine analyzer, Garmin 496 with weather, S-tec 55x AP, baggage door and much more (full equipment list and more photos on request). All logs, all AD's complied with. Call Bob: 541-736-8198 Eugene, OR. (4/14) 


FOR SALE: 1946 Navion N91554 Stars and Bars military paint scheme. TTAF 4,085 and 64 hours SMOH on Continental E225 engine. Next annual due 10/14. All AD's complied and numerous modifications. Asking price $42,000.


FOR SALE OR TRADE for late model SUV with less than 100,000 miles. 1948 Navion A N4419K. Last annual 11-11 Continental E-225 with prop AD due. Flown approx 10 hours after annual, sitting since annual. Engine run every couple of months. Robert J. Maneth (4/14)


FOR SALE: 1948 Navion N4574K 2011 Matt Jackson  conversion/restoration TT 2641 ;IO520BB Tach. 135 hr. Garmin GNS 530, GMA 340, GTX330, SL30. Aspen Evolution EFD 1000 S-tec 30 Many mods. $160,000. For more pictures go to 1948 Navion aircraft. Lanny Stableford; 805-968-2772 (4/14)


FOR SALE:  E-series Hartzell prop.bladder style hub with V shank blades , inspected by Barrett Hannah of Mississippi, Class A condition, could be modified to MV. Additional E-series parts available. $5,000 obo. Call 615-630-0108 Robert Gaines (4/14)  


FOR SALE: Navion “H” Rangemaster, 2514T; TT 1420 airframe & engine, IO-520B; new fuel selector valve; Garmin 30 w/G/S & WASS, King KX 155 w/GPS, Argus 5000; vert card compass; Eng monitor all cyl exhaust & CHT. Fuel flow meter w/ totalizer; new exhaust system Apr 2013. Compression good all cyl;  Mode “C” Xpndr; auto pilot. $77,500 OBO.  Thomas Hinkle 409-781-0919  (4/14) 


FOR SALE:  1948 Navion N4356K TT 3352   Serial # 1356.  Continental  IO 520B TT 196; 3-Blade Prop TT 208.  King Skymap 3.  Stec 30 w/altitude hold and DG.  PMA 7000B.  Dual Nav/Coms -  Bendix King  Apollo SL 40. Garmin GTX-327.  Fuel Flow.  4 place intercom. Cabin ventilating system.  Gear doors.  Rear step.  Baggage door.  One piece wind screen. I have owed this Navion since 1998.  Always hangered.  Call Joe Graves 214-435-9389 or e-mail  (4/14)

FOR SALE:  1948 RYAN NAVION  $55,000  Continental E-225, tip tanks, 80 gal fuel total, always hangared, selling due to death, needs annual  Contact Cord Overson, located Logandale, NV - 702-232-1213  (4/14)  


































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